Myths Versus Facts: How’s Your Daily Brushing Method?

When you feel like you know what you’re doing with your dental hygiene, caring for your oral health with confidence is easier than you might imagine. However, when you’re spending time considering whether something you hear is a myth or is a reality, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. For now, you can get started on clearing up a few uncertainties with a brief Myths-Versus-Facts session. As for remaining things you’re just not sure about, please remember to ask!

Myths Versus Facts

Myth: You don’t have to brush your tongue-side tooth surfaces. The contact they make with your tongue will keep them clean.

Fact: Actually, you do need to brush these surfaces of your teeth. If you neglect any part of your teeth with your dental hygiene, you will generally end up seeing decay or inflammation as a result.

Myth: You can only develop cavities in your molars, so if you don’t brush your other teeth that thoroughly, you will only end up with staining.

Fact: You can actually end up developing cavities on any part of your dental tissue. This means that while molars may have more hiding spaces for plaque and may seem the most likely site for decay, it can happen to any part of any tooth!

Myth: Brushing longer and harder than you usually do will help you erase stains for a whiter smile.

Fact: First, excessive or aggressive brushing will do nothing for you other than to cause harm. As for stain removal, your dental hygiene isn’t going to get the job done. Cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, will get the job done! Ask us about it soon!

Get The Facts On Hygiene During Checkups

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