Children’s Dental Care Q&A: A Review

The most common first questions we receive from parents about children’s dental care generally tend to focus on the word “when.” When should my child begin the questions start, and then follow with a variety of inquiries and concerns. For responses to the stuff just about every parent out there wants and needs to know, we offer a quick review in the form of a Q&A session. For all the other things you’re curious about, please feel free to contact us today.

Questions and Answers

Question: When should my child begin receiving dental care? How often after that do I need to bring my child in for checkups and cleanings?

Answer: We suggest that your child comes in for a first visit when your little one is a year old. Then, you can begin consistent checkups and cleanings once your child has her third birthday. Schedule time twice a year, so your child’s smile remains healthy and develops well.

Question: When should brushing begin for my child? How long should I brush my child’s smile and assist until he can do it himself?

Answer: While you will need to carefully clean the first tooth, actual brushing with a children’s brush begins once more than one tooth is present. Brush for them and assist them until they seem to get the hang of it (generally speaking, this will last three years or so). After that, you’ll simply need to monitor their brushing until they’re old enough to master the technique.

Question: How do I know when to begin flossing? Should I begin once the first tooth appears?

Answer: Actually, the best time to begin flossing as part of your child’s home dental care is when two teeth show up (two neighboring teeth, that is). Then, flossing should continue once a day for life!

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