Month: August 2017

TMJ Disorder Quiz: What Can I Do?

Are you dealing with the onset of symptoms like a popping jaw, discomfort, or facial pain that you are attributing to TMJ disorder (TMD) but you have not yet received a professional diagnosis? If so, you might wonder if this is something you should do, if you should try to figure out treatment on your… Read more »

Dentures Slipping? Consider Our Tips.

If your dentures are slipping, we want you to recognize that this is never a normal thing or a good thing. However, even though you may already know this, it doesn’t mean you’re entirely sure about how to proceed. Should you try to hang in there for a while and hope things get better? Is… Read more »

FAQs: When Your Kid Heads Off For College Living!

When your but-he-was-just-starting-kindergarten child heads off to college, it is a huge moment for everyone! Of course, there’s packing, class schedules, payments, orientation, and so many things to consider. As a result, you might find yourself at home, thinking about your son or daughter, suddenly wondering to yourself exactly how you’re going to approach your… Read more »

Smart Smile Gifts For Couples

Have an anniversary coming up but you’re not sure what to get for your spouse (or possibly for the two of you as a couple)? About to attend a wedding and you’re looking for something interesting to choose for the bride and groom? If you happen to get as excited about smile health as we… Read more »

Why Celebrate National Gum Care Month?

Why are we so excited about National Gum Care Month, you wonder? Well, as dental professionals we know that your gums are extremely significant to your overall oral health. When you’re keeping your mouth safe, you’re on track toward keeping up a smile that’s healthy year after year after (well, you get the idea), thanks… Read more »

How To Successfully Let Your Canker Sore Heal

So, you know that the sore that’s causing you a little bit of daily distress is a canker sore. What you aren’t so sure about, however, is what to do now, so that it heals and goes away already! You’ll be pleased to learn that it’s not going to require too much concern, effort, or… Read more »

Time For Another Masterworks Concert!

Have you been to a Masterworks Concert yet? They are a lot of fun for the whole family, giving you time to forget about the day, week, and anything else on your mind, while you just relax. Hang out with people you love as you listen to the extraordinary sounds of the Southlake Community Band!… Read more »

Saliva Quiz: What’s It Really For?

You might have a lot of words to refer to it, depending on the context. When you’re sleeping and it flows out of your mouth, you call it drool. When someone accidentally sends a droplet onto your face when they’re speaking too closely, you call it spit. On a more technical level, we call this… Read more »

Dental Discussion: Q&A About Teeth

How much do you think you could tell us about your dental enamel? How much do you know about dentin? Are you certain about how many teeth you should have in your smile? While it’s entirely possible you could tell us quite a lot about preventive care, restorative treatments, and more, the smaller, essential details… Read more »

3 Ways A Bridge Betters Your Smile

A dental bridge can make your smile a whole lot better. So, what’s holding you back from going through with the decision to have one placed, as you watch your smile openings disappear, and your complete smile make its reappearance? If you’re a candidate for this tooth replacement solution, we encourage you to become a… Read more »