Seeds, Nuts, And Berries Quiz: Good For Your Smile?

When you’re looking for ways to remain healthy and eat a diet that’s full of all the good-for-you nutrition you and your oral health need, you will typically find a lot of literature promoting seeds, nuts, and berries. These are easy to snack on and to add to other foods! However, you may remember hearing something about these foods in relation to possible dangers for your teeth and gums. To set the record straight, our quiz will provide the essential details.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Generally speaking, seeds, nuts and berries are good for your oral health because they provide so many healthy nutrients.
  2. True or False: Berries can pose a problem for your smile because they are deeply pigmented and have immense staining power and often because they include hard seeds or pits.
  3. True or False: Seeds and nuts are beneficial for your teeth and gums but they can pose a threat if they are too tiny or hard.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. In general, adding seeds, nuts, and berries to your daily diet is beneficial to your oral health. By taking in a steady supply of vitamins and minerals, you supply your teeth with the stuff they need to remain strong!
  2. True. Remember that while berries are healthy, they can stain or damage your teeth. Simply eat them carefully and remember to brush afterwards.
  3. True. You’ll find that seeds and berries are loaded with beneficial nutrition for your body and smile but keep in mind that they can damage teeth if they’re too hard and that they can get stuck within dental work or in smile spaces. Simply make wise choices and choose softer options for best results.

Ask About Dietary Choices For Your Best Oral Health

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