Diet Crazes That Hurt Your Dental Health

When you feel the urge to hop on the diet craze train, your sole focus is finding a quick way to shed some pounds! In place of completely overhauling your diet with the end goal of balanced eating, some of these crazes include short bursts of extreme eating, such as consuming only juice for a set period of days. Does it work? Evidence may point to the fact that when you’re consuming very few calories, you will in fact lose some weight. What you may have forgotten about, though, is that certain diets can become dangerous for your oral health. Simply remember to take this into consideration as you make choices for your body and your smile health.

Honey And Lemon Juice Diet

Perhaps you have decided to try out the diet that includes drinking a warm glass of water, lemon juice, and honey in the morning. Whether or not it helps one lose weight, it can most certainly result in some problems with your oral health! Lemon juice is extremely acidic and honey is high in sugar (and happens to coat your teeth).

Juice Cleanse

Those looking for a way to jumpstart weight loss might find that a juice cleanse sounds particularly appealing. Of course, the desire to detox and douse your body with vitamins and minerals can be quite attractive. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily going to fare well for your oral health. Unless you’re consuming juice composed solely of leafy green veggies, you’ll be covering your smile in sugars (that naturally occur in fruit juice) and acid (fruit juice is acidic), both of which are harmful for your smile health.

Protect Your Smile With Our Diet Advice

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