Month: July 2017

Bruxism: Diagnosis Or Destruction

One of the more unfortunate possible side effects of missing out on dental checkups for much too long is the fact that issues like bruxism disorder can lead to some serious damage to your smile (when left untreated). Fortunately, when you catch this problem nice and early (which is easy to do when you schedule… Read more »

Smile Spaces And Solutions

Do you spend time covering your smile when you talk or laugh? Have you ever panicked after smiling at someone, wondering if they saw the space where a tooth once resided? Perhaps you have long been embarrassed by a gap between your teeth but you feel like you just need to find a way to… Read more »

Tips: Dental Bridge Upkeep

The good news is that your dental bridge is not going to require much to maintain. Ready for the not-so-good news? Fortunately, there isn’t any! As long as you consider our suggestions and tips and keep up with the simple guidelines, you’ll find that your bridge will last you for years, so you can do… Read more »

Wildlife On The Move

If your kids have ever asked you about a chameleon and how it does what it does, then they’re certainly going to be interested in this Wildlife On The Move event! It’s a great chance for you and your little ones to learn more about animal adaptations! Come on out for an enjoyable morning. The… Read more »

Ways Dental Care Can Help With Your Headaches

When you deal with headaches on a consistent basis, the problem can begin to feel overwhelming. Whether you wake up with headaches, experience those that come on throughout the day, or notice that they show up at particular moments, they can get in the way of just about everything! What you might be overlooking is… Read more »

Your Cavity: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

You might have a pretty solid instinct regarding what you should do in order to properly respond to the development of tooth decay. However, if you are like many of the patients we see and treat every day, that doesn’t mean you’re going to follow that gut reaction! Instead, you might try your hand at… Read more »

Do You Need A Sleep Apnea Appliance?

Some estimates put the number of people suffering from sleep apnea somewhere between 10 and 12 million. Without treatment, OSA can lead to major health complications, as well as poor quality of life due to sleep loss. Do you need a sleep apnea appliance?

What to Know if You Grind Your Teeth Too Much

It’s a common condition, but many people who have bruxism don’t understand the potential harm that constantly grinding their teeth can cause to their long-term dental health. While the occasional moment of clenching your teeth together may not be a threat, consistently rubbing them against each other can quickly wear down their chewing surfaces. Worn… Read more »

Celebrate National Mutt Day

July Park and Recreation Month is a national campaign sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). The purpose of the campaign is to encourage everyone to visit their local city parks, embrace active lifestyles, and improve their overall health. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to create healthy habits for yourself and your children… Read more »

Beware Of DIY Teeth Whitening Treatments

Face it; you wish your teeth could be a bit whiter. We all do. It seems easy enough that your first inclination may be to check online to see if there are any quick, do it at home fixes to make your smile whiter. Many of these DIY whitening solutions you find online or in… Read more »