You Don’t Need To Choose Between…

We have discovered in speaking with our patients over the years that there’s a common type of misunderstanding that can cause you to stop in your tracks: The moment you think you need to choose between two things (particularly if you think you may want to use or accomplish both). Before you allow yourself to go on any further assuming that the field of dental care is limited, we encourage you to remember that as far as enjoying a healthy smile that looks lovely (and that you can afford) goes, there’s always a solution (not a dilemma).

Restorative Or Cosmetic

You might feel torn. You want your smile to be healthy but you really want your smile to look beautiful. Before you become too entangled in your worries and your hopes, remember that there’s no battle here. You can have both (in fact, if you want cosmetic dental care then you may first need restorative care if your smile isn’t healthy!). We will always ensure your smile is healthy first and then help you with whatever esthetic changes you wish to make.

Bonding Or Contouring

You don’t need to deliberate excessively about whether you want contouring or bonding. These types of cosmetic dental care treatments can coexist peacefully and even beneficially! Did you know that you can choose one or the other or both? It’s true. They help you achieve different improvements, which means they can work together.

Dental Care Or A Budget

Maybe you want to receive care because you want a healthy smile but you feel like maybe you really don’t want it because you can’t afford it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to choose either smart financial planning or dental care. You can do both (just ask about our financing options).

Find Out How To Make Care Work For You

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