Oral Health: All About Bedtime!

Do you feel like you have some very good intentions when it comes to protecting your oral health? However, there’s something about keeping up with your nighttime routine that isn’t going so well? Not to worry, we can help you sort out the problems and come up with solutions, so you know you’re doing your absolute best with your efforts and care.

If You’re Not Getting Any Sleep

So, you’re getting sleep but you don’t feel like you’re getting any sleep. The person who sleeps next to you and loves you tells you that you’re snoring your head off and waking up and tossing and turning throughout the night (none of which you recall). Does this sound like you? If so, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. Come in for a diagnosis and treatment, so we can help!

If You Keep Missing Your Nighttime Brushing

Do you keep waking up in the morning feeling guilty and bad about your oral health because you forget to brush at night? A few helpful suggestions may assist you in making sure you brush without fail:

  • Brush after your final meal for the day but well before you get drowsy
  • Don’t plop yourself down on your sofa or in bed until you’ve brushed (and flossed, if necessary)
  • Don’t go to sleep for “just a minute” with plans of getting up to brush
  • If you’ve been out late, brush first thing when you arrive home

If You Eat After Nighttime Brushing

Just don’t do this. Drinking water after your nighttime brushing is safe but anything else you consume will make your dental hygiene far less effective for protecting your oral health.

Ask Us For Guidance With Any Oral Health Concern

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