Q&A: Relying On The Internet For Dental Care

As with just about anything else you might feel compelled to research, you will discover that there’s quite a vast and seemingly endless sea of information online as it applies to your oral health. As a result, you may find yourself hopping online when you’re wondering what’s wrong with your smile, when you’re trying to figure out how to make improvements, and more. While we always applaud a curious individual who is ready to learn, we generally suggest you avoid getting your information in this fashion. Why? Well, we think our Q&A session will help sort out the details for you.

Questions and Answers

Question: The internet is so full of information these days. Can’t I just get online if something is wrong, enter my symptoms, and figure out a diagnosis for my oral health?

Answer: You can try but unfortunately, unless you are seen by a professional dentist, you will not be able to rely on the results of your search. There’s a lot you cannot detect or see on your own when it comes to your smile.

Question: You can order nearly anything you can imagine from the internet. I keep seeing advanced teeth whitening systems that say they are safe and effective. Why can’t I just buy one of these?

Answer: While we can say with certainty that our formulations are safe and appropriate for your smile, you’re gambling when you choose other products. They may damage your teeth without offering the results you want even if they promise otherwise.

Question: What’s wrong with asking a question on a site on which dentists respond? Can’t I just explain what’s happening with my smile and trust their response?

Answer: Unless your smile is looked at by a dental professional, it is impossible for a dentist (or, a person you are assuming is a dentist) to have access to the full array of oral health details necessary to offer diagnoses and suggestions.

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