Q&A: Important Details About Drinking Water

What could you possibly need to know about water that you aren’t already familiar with? Well, when it comes to protecting your oral health, you may find that there’s actually a lot to be said about H20 because it’s important, it’s quite helpful for avoiding oral problems, and more. Get some surprising insight you didn’t even know you needed with our Q&A collection.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why is it so important that I drink water with or after my meals and snacks? Is this doing something magical for my oral health?

Answer: Here’s what water does: It cleans your teeth by rinsing them off (so bacteria and food move off of your smile), it helps moisten your mouth to ensure bacteria aren’t just hanging out and causing trouble, and it helps prevent bad breath and cavities, too.

Question: I’ve heard that I should probably drink my tap water because it’s treated with fluoride. What if I only drink bottled water? Will I become deficient in fluoride?

Answer: If your community’s water is treated and you stick solely to bottled water, you may still be getting enough from your fluoridated toothpaste. However, this is not necessarily true (nor is it true for children). The best way to arrive at an accurate answer is to come see us for a dental checkup.

Question: Are there any circumstances in which water is not good for my smile but bad in some way?

Answer: Yep! If it’s too hot it can burn your mouth and it may damage dentures and Invisalign trays. If it’s turned to ice, it can break a tooth (simply avoid chewing on ice to protect your oral health).

Ask Us About How Water Can Protect Your Smile

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