Lipstick Wearers: 3 Things To Consider

Are you someone who wears lipstick on a regular basis? Perhaps you never leave home without it and you reapply throughout the day. While this classic cosmetic is certainly a staple in the beauty world, you might not give much thought the way it can affect your oral health. In certain cases, it is great for your smile. In others, it can lead to some frustration. Find out more, so you know you’re making the best choice you can!

#1: Choose One With SPF

You might not realize that you can select lipstick that contains SPF. Since you can, why not add this option into your daily ritual? As a result, you’re enjoying the oral health benefits of sunblock on your lip tissue all year long. Did you know that the sun’s harmful rays can lead to oral cancer on your lip tissue? It’s true! Keep damage from occurring with this helpful detail.

#2: Choose One With Blue Undertones

Are you someone who loves to wear lipstick but you find that it often causes your smile to look a bit more yellow after you put it on (even if your teeth usually look quite white)? This is a simple case of color theory! If you want to bring out the whiteness of your smile, choose colors with blue undertones (that means they’re cool toned). If you select a color with warm undertones (think orangey) then you’re going to coax out any hints of yellow in your teeth.

#3: Be Careful Immediately After Whitening

Is your oral health A-OK but you just received teeth whitening for cosmetic concerns? If so, keep that lipstick far away from your teeth for a few days. If it touches them, it can actually cause some staining, which you certainly don’t want!

Ask Your Questions So We May Help Protect Your Grin

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