FAQs: Cleaning Your Tongue!

You might be someone who brushes your tongue because … well … you’ve just always done it. Or, you might be someone who doesn’t even realize this is important for your oral health! Then again, you could be a person who knows you should be doing it during your dental hygiene but you keep avoiding it. Whoever you are, we encourage you to read up on our FAQs, so you understand why this is important and how to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there more than one way to clean my tongue?

Answer: Yes. You have two main options for this dental hygiene factor. First, you can go ahead and literally brush it like you do your teeth, using your toothbrush to clean it off (remember to be gentle). If this sounds terrible, you may use a tongue scraper instead, which is smooth and comfortable.

Question: What types of problems might occur if I decide to ignore your advice to clean my tongue as a part of my dental hygiene efforts?

Answer: Bacteria will stay in place on your tongue instead of being swept out of your mouth. Generally speaking, this can contribute to bad breath, you can end up with an accumulation of bacteria, your tongue will develop a coating, and the presence of bacteria can contribute to oral health problems.

Question: Should I be doing this multiple times a day? How often should tongue cleaning happen?

Answer: The best approach is to cleanse your tongue during each of your dental hygiene sessions (you should be completing two a day). Very simple!

Keep Your Smile Very Clean With Tips

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