Driving Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth!

Have you ever thought about the things you do while you’re driving in your car and how they may negatively impact your oral health? Chances are good that you’re shaking your head from side to side right now because most of the time (hopefully), you’re focused on the road and the other cars around you as you steer! While we certainly don’t encourage you to take your eyes off of the street ahead of you or to shift your attention, we do urge you to think through some common bad habits that you can easily remedy.

Habit: Using Your Teeth To Hold Or Open Things

When you’re driving, you have both hands busy as you steer, shift, etc. As a result, if you’re reaching for something, if you’re attempting to multitask, or if you’re trying to open something up, you may rely on your teeth for some extra help. Don’t try to tear a bag of chips open with your smile, don’t keep something out of the way by holding it between your teeth, or otherwise. Instead, prepare before you begin driving (or just wait until you get where you’re going for the safest ride). This is a simple way to protect yourself, other drivers, and your oral health!

Habit: Sipping Soda, Snacking, And More

Especially on longer, steady rides like a commute to work, you find yourself with some free time. As a result, you may discover that you enjoy drinking coffee, snacking on sweets, or sipping soda as you drive along. We understand the allure but it’s not a great plan for your oral health. Unfortunately, you’re essentially bathing your teeth in acid! Consider water and healthier snacks, waiting until you reach your destination for quicker eating and drinking, or remember to rinse with water (and brush later).

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