3 Ways To Think About Brushing

When you think about brushing your teeth, few things seem more common. You do it every day. You do it (hopefully) twice a day. You’ve been doing it your whole life! What more is there to think about other than the fact that you have to stand in the bathroom for two minutes, brushing until the time is up, and then go about your daily plans? Well, we actually have a variety of perspectives you can take on that will give your appreciation for dental hygiene a bit of a much-needed boost.

#1: As A Budget-Friendly Investment

If you’re ever feeling a bit tired of brushing and going through the motions of your dental hygiene routine, remember that it’s a very wise investment that doesn’t require much. You buy three to four toothbrushes a year (and toothpaste and floss, of course). It’s not very hard on the pocketbook and it keeps the decay-and-gingivitis-causing plaque off of your smile, so your oral health can stay in amazing condition forever. Certainly a wonderful, budget-friendly investment in our book!

#2: As An Easy Way To Succeed

You don’t have to do anything complicated to keep your smile clean, to avoid cavities, or to prevent the need for restorative care. Nope. All that we ask you to do (in addition to flossing) is brush. Add a dollop of toothpaste to the bristles, run them over your tooth surfaces and tongue for a couple minutes, and that’s it. There aren’t any hidden tricks. You brush as we suggest and your smile stays healthy.

#3: As A Quick Twice-Daily Break

Some prefer to think of their dental hygiene sessions as quiet time. If you’re lucky enough, nobody talks to you and you get to just stand in silence, while you decompress, breathe, and enjoy the tranquility.

Take Brushing Seriously For Healthy Teeth And Gums

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