3 Things That Can’t Replace Flossing

You might think that you have found the answer that nobody else was clever enough to discover: You assume with some deep thinking that there are several ways to replace flossing, so it no longer needs to be part of your dental hygiene experience! First, we suggest you talk with us about how to make your flossing more enjoyable (it is absolutely possible) because it’s something you need to do every day. Next, of course, we are sorry to inform you that there are no alternatives. Consider some methods patients often think will work instead, so you don’t fall into the trap of ditching your all-important floss.

#1: Using Your Toothbrush

We’re not insinuating that you’re not creative. This is, of course, a very good idea in theory. However, in practice it simply cannot provide you with the dental hygiene you need. Yes, a bit of plaque will be swept away but only very little. It is absolutely essential that you continue to floss between teeth to protect your oral health.

#2: Floss Picks

A floss pick can help you remove plaque from between teeth. It can also dislodge food. What it can’t do is offer the same safe, effective cleansing as actual dental floss. You need 18 inches of floss, not a 1-inch strip.

#3: A Water Flosser

A water flosser is a wonderful item to include in your dental hygiene sessions because it can help you remove additional plaque. That means, in addition to the plaque you remove with your flossing. However, it’s not going to work as your sole method of flossing.

Always Remember That Flossing Is Key

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