Your Questions About Wine And Your Smile

If you’re someone who likes wine with your meal, after a meal, with dessert, with friends, on the weekends, with yoga … you get the idea … then you may be wondering if your penchant for this beverage is going to take a toll on your oral health. While you certainly don’t need to cut it out of your life entirely, you should brush up on the details (and you should rinse with water after consuming it). You should also take some questions and answers into consideration, so you have the info you need to make good choices.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it only red wine that can stain my teeth? A friend recently mentioned that white wine can stain them, too.

Answer: Actually, both can stain your smile! While red is obviously a bigger culprit in leaving an unfriendly cast over your teeth, white wine follows closely behind. It is acidic and can lead to a dingy appearance, so always remember to rinse after you drink.

Question: What’s the problem with wine aside from the staining factor? Is it going to end up damaging my oral health in some way?

Answer: As mentioned, all wine is acidic in nature. This means that it “attacks” your teeth when you drink it, causing your enamel to soften and eventually to begin dissolving. This leaves teeth injured and weak and (when enamel becomes very thin) can cause a yellowed appearance.

Question: Can wine cause dry mouth? My mouth often feels parched after I drink this beverage but I never understand why.

Answer: Well, wine acts as a diuretic and the tannic acids can decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth. As a result, it may dry your oral tissue. A temporary dryness will not cause serious oral health side effects but long-term dryness can promote issues like decay.

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