Toothbrush Toilet Trauma: Tall Tales Or Truths?

You might have friends who act really serious about keeping her toothbrushes away from the toilet. As a result, you may wonder if this is something you should be doing too or if perhaps this individual simply has too much time on her hands. The truth is, it’s always a better plan to keep anything related to your dental hygiene far away from the toilet (and the shower, too!). These areas are full of germs that you certainly do not want near your mouth. Learn more!

You Could Drop It In There

First of all, when you leave the toilet seat up (or you keep your toothbrush stored near the toilet) it’s quite easy to accidentally drop it in there. Since we wouldn’t suggest attempting to clean it off and go on with your usual brushing, you’re going to end up needed another brush. Save yourself the frustration of an unexpected trip to the dental hygiene aisle by either closing the lid or by locating your brush so that such an accident is not very likely to occur.

It’s Spraying Germs

Just think of your toilet as a germ sprayer when it’s flushed with the lid up. That should give you a pretty good understanding of why we suggest you do your best to keep dental hygiene products out of the range of this appliance (or why it’s obviously much easier just to get in the habit of placing the lid in the shut position!). You can save yourself from the spread of germs that can certainly make you sick. Instead, you’ll know your brush is A-OK and your health will remain just fine, too.

Keep Your Toothbrush Safe

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