Teeth Brushing At Work: 2 Reasons To Go Ahead!

Are you someone who likes to follow the rules, particularly when you know they will help you arrive at the outcome you desire? For instance, perhaps you know that after a meal, coffee, snack, or otherwise, it’s best for your oral health if you rinse your smile and then go ahead and brush. However, while this is extremely easy to accomplish at home, doing so at work presents a few obstacles. The question of whether or not to just put on a brave face and carry your toothbrush and toothpaste into the bathroom is a commonly shared one! If you’re on the fence, allow us to help.

Reason #1: You Only Need A Couple Minutes

Maybe you’re a bit mortified by the idea of brushing your teeth in front of anyone that you work with and you’re pretty sure the bathroom will be packed with people during your lunch break. Keep in mind that it’s best to rinse and then brush your teeth after 30 minutes. Remember you just need two minutes to brush. So, skip brushing during break. Instead, once the bathroom is empty, make a quick dash for it, clean your smile, and you’ll be offering your oral health the care it needs.

Reason #2: Cavities Are More Inconvenient

Yep, it’s a little bit inconvenient to stop what you’re doing to brush your teeth during your workday. However, it’s most certainly more convenient than dealing with a cavity. If you end up with tooth decay, your tooth may feel uncomfortable, you’ll have to come in for a filling, you’ll need to spend money on that filling, and the list goes on. Brush instead! Prevention is always the best way to approach your oral health. 

Learn How To Brush Your Teeth Successfully At Work

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