3 Weird Smile-Related Things Explained

There are some weird things that can happen to your smile. When they occur, you find yourself mystified and curious beyond belief. Then, the moment passes and you forget all about it until the next time it happens. To offer you some insight into the strange things that might cause you to question your oral health, we would love to walk you through a few details. You will find that there is generally always an answer (and a solution if necessary)!

Spinach Teeth

Have you often wondered whether you’re the only one suffering from teeth that feel very odd after you chomp down on some spinach? Perhaps you tried it once, thought you’d gotten some bad veggies, and gave up. The truth is, this is certainly a strange feeling but it won’t hurt your oral health. A substance called oxalic acid is to blame! It’s not harmful but it will make your smile feel a little gritty, fuzzy, or any other word you’ve come up with that fits.

Metallic Mouth

Do you feel like you have a metallic taste in your mouth? There are some reasons for this that may point to an underlying (yet treatable) oral health concern: Dry mouth is one. Fortunately, you just need more moisture in your oral tissues to fix this one. Or, you may be experiencing the side effects of a medication (which our team and your doctor can help you manage).

Flavorless Food

Can’t taste your food? Your oral health is probably just fine. In most instances, this is because your sense of smell has been disrupted in some way, which is responsible for a good part of your ability to taste things. Clear up any congestion and you’ll find that you can savor your meals once more.

Get Your Questions Answered With Checkups

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