Think Your Filling Is Damaged? Call Us!

If you think your dental filling is damaged, you probably have a good reason to feel this way. Perhaps the tooth that has a filling in it feels very sensitive when you breathe in. Maybe you noticed that a piece of your filling came out. Maybe you looked and you can actually see the issue. Whatever the case, if something feels off it is always a very wise decision to go ahead and contact us. Think through some compelling reasons why this is the case.

The Problem Will Only Worsen

If your tooth is uncomfortable, you won’t get “used to” the sensation. Instead, the sensitivity is going to continue. It may even worsen if the condition of your tooth worsens. What could possibly happen? Consider the following:

  • The dental filling is damaged, which means your tooth is at risk of breaking.
  • The filling is damaged, which means bacteria may have access into your tooth. Unfortunately, this means you are much more vulnerable to a tooth infection.
  • A damaged filling can compromise your smile’s balance, which may lead to some stress and discomfort of muscles and joints.

What To Do?

As we mentioned, you really should just call our practice to schedule a visit. Attempting to repair the problem on your own or rely on a temporary filling will not do you any favors. Come in, so we can see what’s happening with your dental filling and provide you with an immediate plan to regain your oral health and the structure of your tooth.

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