Do I Really Need To Brush And Floss?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you really do need to brush and floss your teeth. Your dental hygiene is the very backbone of the success (or downfall) of your oral health. We understand that you may wonder if you could ditch one part of this process or if you could stop it altogether. However, we can quickly explain to you why it’s so essential that you keep up with this aspect of your care!

What You’re Doing

Remember when you’re standing in front of your mirror with your toothbrush and then your dental floss that your dental hygiene session is not a waste of time. It takes a very small piece of your day away (incredibly small), while removing plaque. What is plaque, you ask? Well, it’s a sticky film that coats your teeth. It’s also loaded up with nasty bacteria that can cause gingivitis and cavities. Brushing and flossing removes it from every surface of your teeth. Skip these steps and it will turn into something akin to cement that you won’t be able to remove until your professional cleaning. Translation: You will most likely end up with decay and inflamed gums and bad breath.

What You Should Remember

Let’s say you’re quite good about coming in for your dental checkup and cleaning but you’re not so good about your dental hygiene. Unfortunately, you need to do all of these things. They rely on one another in order to promote your best oral health. Seeing us for professional care is beneficial but if you’re not cleaning plaque from your smile throughout the rest of the time away from our practice, you will end up with oral illnesses that will then require restorative care (which is more time consuming and costly).

Keep Up That Brushing And Flossing

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