Common Questions About Baby Teeth

You might think that as long as your child still has his or her baby teeth, there’s not a lot to worry about. You may assume you have all the time in the world because care is probably most important once permanent teeth come in, right? Incorrect! Protecting that first set of teeth is extremely significant. Not sure what to do or why you need to be so proactive early on? We can provide you with a quick rundown of the details.

Why Protect These Teeth?

Those first teeth require protection because they are more than just cute placeholders. Their purpose is twofold. They help your child form successful speech patterns, which is something that should happen early on (not when your child is six and permanent teeth begin to show up). In addition, they act as protective guides to your child’s future permanent teeth. Damaged baby teeth can mean damaged permanent teeth.

What Should I Do?

In general, it’s your focused care at home and your consistent scheduling of visits with us that will keep baby teeth nice and healthy. Here’s the general list you should be sticking to in order to make sure your child’s smile has a wonderful start with primary teeth (and a good long life):

  • Brush teeth morning and night
  • Use a soft-bristle children’s toothbrush
  • Use a pea-size dab of children’s toothpaste
  • Brush for two minutes when you brush
  • Floss once a day
  • Schedule a dental checkup and cleaning with us twice a year for your child

Preventive Care Protects Primary Teeth

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