Coffee: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When you start asking questions about coffee and your oral health, you will quickly find that the topic is not black and white. There are some good things that you can get from a cup (or more) of java. Then, of course, there are some serious, negative side effects that can also come from indulging in this beverage. To sort out whether you feel it’s a good addition to your life or something you’d prefer to cut out, we offer a few morsels of helpful information.


Did you know that there actually are some benefits to be had from coffee when it comes to your oral health? While there’s a lot to consider, it’s interesting to make the following note: Drinking four or more cups on a daily basis can actually dramatically reduce your chance of developing oral cancer. It happens to be full of antioxidants and other advantageous cancer preventers.

Acid Erosion

Now that you know what coffee can do for your oral health, it’s time to talk about the potential negative impact it can have. As you know, it’s very acidic. When your teeth are exposed to acid, it weakens the enamel (outer layer). Long-term exposure to coffee and other acids and even sugars can lead to erosion. If you’re loading your coffee up with sugar, this is also a quick way to make tooth decay more likely. Rinse and brush after your coffee!


Coffee will certainly lead to stains, which includes your teeth. If you’re a coffee drinker, remain mindful of rinsing with water (and not nursing a cup or several throughout the day). This will help limit yellowing, which will require cosmetic care further down the road.