Calcium: Top Teeth Tips

There’s no question about whether calcium protects your teeth. You know that, just as it helps your bones stay nice and strong, it does the same thing for your teeth. Since the thought of brittle teeth that don’t stand the test of time doesn’t sound very appealing, we encourage you to do your best to ensure you’re getting enough of this particular mineral. Not sure how to approach this? We’ve got helpful tips for a successful experience with your smile health.

Tip: Get It Through Diet

Rely on your diet as your main way of receiving calcium. This will ensure you always know how to get enough without too much effort. Eat foods packed with calcium, so your smile health remains in great shape. Good food options include: calcium-fortified foods, beans, almonds, dairy, green veggies (the leafier the better), and milk.

Tip: Consume Enough Of It

You need enough calcium or you’re simply not going to have teeth as strong as they could be. Aim for around 1,000 mg daily but check with your doctor to make sure you’ve got the right number in mind for your needs.

Tip: Supplement If You Need More

Perhaps you are doing your best with your diet to promote good smile health but you don’t seem to be hitting the mark. There’s no problem here. The world of supplements exists for a reason! While you continue to do your best you can with your diet, go ahead and add supplements into your daily life, so you reach your calcium intake goal.

Strengthen Smiles With Calcium

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