3 Esthetic Issues And What To Do

In many, many cases we talk with patients who are dealing with esthetic issues but aren’t sure what to do about them. The short answer is always that you should come to us for cosmetic care. Just a quick visit will give us the full scope regarding your needs, possible treatment options, and how to proceed with a plan tailored to your smile. We would like to give you some insight into what you can expect based on common concerns and how we handle them.

#1: Help, My Teeth Look Like Kid Teeth!

When we hear someone tell us their teeth still look like kid teeth, we often look to see if there are mamelons present. These are the little curved humps on your incisors that are present on young teeth when they make their way through gum tissue. If yours have not become smoothed down over time from daily use, we can help you with dental contouring.

#2: Help, My Teeth Don’t Touch!

If your neighboring teeth aren’t touching one another, we can help either with cosmetic care or orthodontics. If you’re dealing with a true malocclusion, orthodontic care is essential. If not, we can generally close those openings in your smile, so teeth look flush, with the help of dental bonding or veneers.

#3: Help, Everything’s Wrong!

Do you feel like there are so many things about your smile that you’re not happy with that you’re not sure where to begin? If your smile is healthy but you’re just hoping for a grin that looks better, we can certainly put cosmetic care to good use. We might rely on multiple treatments. Or, we may decide that veneers will allow you to achieve everything all at once.

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