Month: March 2017

Free Easter Celebration

As you likely have already realized, after a blink of your eyes, Easter will have arrived. To make sure you’re ready to celebrate the day with a ton of fun, you might want to mark Easter In The Park 2017 on your calendar. The Event Get ready for the fun filled annual event you’ve been… Read more »

Quiz: All About Craze Lines

Have you noticed recently that it looks like there’s a line in your tooth? Perhaps it looks very slim and dark. Maybe it looks somewhat like a fracture. If so, you might be looking at a craze line in your smile. Then again, it’s entirely possible that what you’re seeing is a serious crack. How… Read more »

Do I Really Need To Brush And Floss?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you really do need to brush and floss your teeth. Your dental hygiene is the very backbone of the success (or downfall) of your oral health. We understand that you may wonder if you could ditch one part of this process or if you could stop it altogether. However,… Read more »

Q&A: Can Teeth Get Stressed Out?

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? While you probably know all about what it’s like to end up feeling stressed out, you might not know what we mean when we refer to stressed teeth. The truth is, your teeth are just as vulnerable as the rest of your system to end up… Read more »

Calcium: Top Teeth Tips

There’s no question about whether calcium protects your teeth. You know that, just as it helps your bones stay nice and strong, it does the same thing for your teeth. Since the thought of brittle teeth that don’t stand the test of time doesn’t sound very appealing, we encourage you to do your best to… Read more »

Is It Too Late For…?

You may occasionally get excited about some aspect of dental care and then resign yourself to assuming it’s too late. We know that this is a common concern, primarily because patients are often shocked that they can access a particular treatment they assumed they would not qualify for. Remember, before you make any assumptions about… Read more »

High Blood Pressure Meds: 2 Side Effects

You are most definitely doing the right thing for yourself if you are treating your current high blood pressure with medication. You’re doing an even better job if you’re following your doctor’s orders to control other factors, so you may be able to stop taking the medicine and manage it with a healthy lifestyle. For… Read more »

AARP Tax Aide

If you’re feeling the anxiety creeping in because you haven’t started your taxes yet, now’s the time! Need some assistance with this annual necessity? If so, you will be thrilled about the upcoming AARP Tax Aide event that will offer the help you need. About the Event The AARP Tax Aide event is here to… Read more »

Oral Piercings: Why We Say, Skip It

We know that when you hear someone tell you that you shouldn’t do something that you want to do, it’s a little frustrating. When you have a dental professional urging you to consider some legitimate reasons to avoid something, such as choosing an oral piercing, it might feel a bit more compelling. We hope so,… Read more »

Implant Dentures: Your Quiz

Are you someone who is considering implant dentures? Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that you haven’t even gotten to the point of considering a particular treatment yet: Instead, you’re simply learning about your different options. To begin gathering a solid education on this particular tooth replacement selection, we encourage you to make your way… Read more »