When You Need Restorative Care And Want A Prettier Smile

Maybe you know that you need restorative care for an infection, decay, or damaged or missing tooth. Perhaps you don’t know how to proceed with your dental care because while you know it’s important to take care of these details, what you really want is a beautiful smile. It’s important to note that a healthy smile is the foundation of an attractive grin, upon which we can then make further improvements with cosmetic treatments. Curious about how to approach this challenge? Find out more.

Your Care Will Be Multi-Faceted

First of all, recognize that when you want a better looking smile, there are a lot of potential factors involved. For some patients, restorative care will take care of all the problems (perhaps your smile is unattractive because of a broken tooth, so the placement of a crown restores both oral health and your beauty). For others, both cosmetic care and restorative care are necessary (maybe you want to address yellowed teeth with whitening and replace a missing tooth).

How To Get Started

There aren’t specific pre-crafted packages that we offer when patients require restorative care and feel strongly about achieving a more beautiful smile. Instead, it will be necessary for you to come to our practice for a thorough exam and discussion about short- and long-term goals. The first priority is always to restore your oral health, of course. As for the way we make your smile better and better looking, you will need a customized care plan. Just come see us and we can get started!