What To Do About Dental Anxiety

When the only thing standing between yourself and consistent dental care is dental anxiety, you can find yourself feeling extremely frustrated. You may even throw in the towel when you realize the anxiety isn’t going to simply disappear on its own. Good news: This is not a new issue! It happens to a lot of people and it’s completely normal. Even better news? We can help. We are full of suggestions and options like nitrous oxide to ensure you can get over this obstacle and take care of your teeth and gums.

Ask Your Questions

You have likely heard people talk about “fear of the unknown.” When it comes to dental care, patients often experience dental anxiety simply because they feel uninformed and don’t know what’s going to happen, why, when, etc. Don’t continue feeling uncertain and nervous! Ask us all about the stuff that’s concerning you, so we can provide you all of the important details. You may find that your level of anxiety becomes much lower as a result.

Ask For Sedation

Dealing with dental anxiety can be a bit rough. You want to control it but sometimes, feeling too focused on dealing with anxiety can make it worse. Rather than experience any bit of defeat, we encourage you to talk with us about sedation. Nitrous oxide can make your experience much more relaxing (and just might help you see that dental care is easy and comfortable).

Bring Calming Accessories

Do you have a favorite scarf that makes you feel calm when you wear it? How about a blanket? A lucky charm? Perhaps you can easily drift away to the meditative sound of your favorite music when you’ve got your iPod with you. Talk to us about these details, so we can give you the “okay.”