Things Your Friends Don’t Actually Know

Your friends, your mom, your aunt, your cousin, your bestie, your neighbor: All of these people might know a lot of stuff. You might really trust them and value their opinions. While they might seem to know quite a lot about dental care, it’s important to recognize that there’s a lot of stuff they can’t help you with in a definitive way. While it’s always nice to bounce ideas off of the people in your life, we suggest you come see us when it comes down to your smile care needs. Consider some examples for a clearer understanding of what we mean.

Whether You Have A Cavity

You might feel worried because your tooth hurts, so you seek counsel from friends, hoping they will give you a long list of reasons it probably isn’t a cavity. While sympathy is always wonderful and it’s nice when someone tries to help you feel better, neglecting treatment for tooth decay is never to your advantage. Remember, it’s best to schedule a dental care visit if your tooth hurts because your friends don’t actually know what’s happening with your tooth.

Which Type Of Treatment You Need

You and your friends and family can talk and talk into the wee hours of the morning about whether you need a root canal or an extraction, veneers or teeth whitening, and the list goes on an on. However, you won’t actually know until we see you for a dental care visit. Keep that in mind!

How Much Your Insurance Covers

You can ask a friend how much her insurance covered for a particular dental care treatment but it might not help! What you should do (since your care plan may be completely different) is talk with your insurance company instead.