Scorched Tongue? We Can Help.

Did you scorch your tongue on a steaming cup of coffee? A way-too-hot piece of pizza? That French fry that burned your fingertips and then proceeded to irritate your taste buds? We know that this is no minor annoyance but something that can seem to ruin an entire day! Fortunately, your tongue will heal quickly. As for how to deal with the uncomfortable feeling in the meantime, while making sure healing really is taking place, we are happy to offer help for your tongue burn.

Skip Spicy, Steamy, And Acidic Stuff

Your tongue burn will probably continue to feel a little uncomfortable throughout the day. As a result, you want to do what you can to avoid making matters worse. When it comes to a burn, the logical thought follows: Don’t place anything else hot on the area. We suggest you follow this! Avoid anything that seems like an irritant, such as “hot” spicy food, food with a high temperature, and even acidic foods.

Rely On Pain Relief

It won’t make you a wimp if you decide that your tongue burn is too much of a distraction and that you cannot ignore the discomfort. Swelling and pain are certainly hard to overlook sometimes, which is why we suggest you consider the following to make yourself feel better:

  • Suck on a cough drop with menthol or some other numbing agent
  • Go ahead and take a pain reliever, it’s worth it!

Keep Your Mouth Moist

You want to keep your mouth moist both for comfort’s sake and to keep bacteria from making your tongue burn worse. Sip cool water to keep your tongue feeling soothed and to keep saliva production up.