Q&A: Toothpaste For Sensitivity


Are you someone who has been dealing with sensitivity for a while, you have already received confirmation that your smile is healthy, and you’re starting to wonder if perhaps you should go ahead and use toothpaste for sensitivity? The short answer is: Yes. However, if you are like most dental patients, you’re interested in gathering a little bit more information. We will help!

Questions and Answers

Question: Does toothpaste for sensitivity really work? Can I just buy it at the drugstore?

Answer: It really does work. You don’t need to purchase anything fancy or expensive. Simply check out your options in the dental hygiene aisle of your local drugstore and choose one that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance on it.

Question: Will the toothpaste work right away? Do I have to continue using it for a while?

Answer: This toothpaste has a cumulative effect, which means you need to keep using it (and continue using it) for it to work effectively. It probably won’t provide the full effect upon first use.

Question: If I use toothpaste for sensitivity but I haven’t actually come in for a while for a dental checkup, should I just keep using the paste and hope for the best? Should I schedule a visit?

Answer: You may keep using this toothpaste. However, when sensitivity shows up and then fails to go away, you should contact us. Sensitivity toothpaste won’t fix a serious problem that needs care (such as a cavity or an infected tooth). See us as soon as you can, so we can restore your oral health and end the discomfort.