Get Your Smile Ready For A Valentine’s Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but you’ve still got some time to get your smile in good condition! Whether you’re just worried about the way your smile looks or if you’re dealing with a case of bad breath that just won’t go away, neither of these details will fare well on a romantic date! Consider our oral health suggestions to whip your mouth into shape for a conversation and perhaps a kiss!

Kick Dental Hygiene Into High Gear

Most of your smile problems are related to your oral health, which stems from your dental hygiene. Bad breath? You might not be taking good enough care of your smile. The same is true for surface stains. Make sure you’re on target with the following:

  • You absolutely need to be brushing twice a day on a daily basis (ensuring every time you brush, you spend two minutes doing a thorough job)
  • You need to floss, too, or bad breath will continue to follow you around

See If We Have A Visit Available

Are you upset because your teeth are discolored or there’s a chip you wish you could hide? Maybe your bad breath isn’t going away even with your efforts at home, so you aren’t sure what to do. Before you panic, cancel the date, and spend your life wondering if you missed out on your chance for true love, try something else: Call us to see if we have a last minute appointment available. We just might be able to help you out with the cause of your halitosis, schedule an in-office teeth whitening session, and get your oral health and appearance back on track!