Do I Really Need A Crown For A Cracked Tooth?

You may not feel any type of serious discomfort as a result of your cracked tooth. You might not have even realized you had a crack until we found it during a dental checkup. As a result, you may wonder why on earth we strongly suggest you receive a dental crown for your tooth crack. Rest assured, we can clear up your confusion in a heartbeat. Learn more!

The Crack Will Get Worse

Since your tooth feels fine and is still working, you may not understand what the big deal is. Why place a dental crown when nothing really seems to be wrong, you may wonder? When it comes to any type of fracture, the issue will worsen if you ignore it. What’s mild now will become severe (and much more quickly than you might image). Every bit of pressure causes the crack to grow. Protecting your tooth is the best way to avoid pain, damage, and additional costs down the line.

Your Tooth Might Break

Beyond the fact that the crack will worsen is the fact that your tooth may very well break. A broken tooth is a whole other problem, as it can leave you with little tissue and may even result in the need for an extraction. Choose the dental crown to preserve your smile!

Any Opening Gives Bacteria Free Entry

Even as your tooth stands and functions, a crack is an opening. This open space lets bacteria enter, which leads to infection, which requires root canal treatment and a dental crown. Why not choose the crown right away and avoid the need for a root canal? It’s a better choice!