Dental Contouring: Is It What I Need?

You might know that you probably need cosmetic dentistry for yourself since you’re none too thrilled with your smile. However, when you begin figuring out the finer details of different treatments, you may think dental contouring is right for you but feel uneasy about asserting this belief. Fortunately, we can swiftly help you out with figuring out whether you’re a candidate, if you have, in fact, identified the best treatment for yourself, or if there’s something better out there. Take just a moment to get the facts you need.

What Contouring Can Help With

If you think that you may want dental contouring, it’s good to begin with those issues that can be helped with contouring. Not sure you’ve got it all straight? Well, contouring removes tissue (rather than adding it) with a tool that very gently buffs it away. As a result, we can alter the shape of your teeth by removing a little bit of enamel. We may also shorten teeth, make overlapping teeth appear as though they are flush neighbors, and smooth down problems with texture.

Easing Your Concerns

You might worry that dental contouring is dangerous. This makes sense, since we are taking some of your dental tissue away from your smile. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about. We don’t make estimates with contouring. Instead, we figure out how much enamel you have to work with and then make tiny, thoughtful changes to improve your smile.

When You Really Need Bonding

Maybe you don’t need dental contouring at all! If you’ve been thinking as we explain that you actually need more tissue to solve your esthetic concerns, you may need contouring’s companion: Dental bonding. Schedule a visit to find out.