2 Reasons Every Visit Is Essential

You might think of your routine dental visits with us as something that is just that: Routine. However, have you ever taken a moment to step back and consider some reasons it’s actually extremely important that you come in every six months? You may be surprised to learn that every last detail, from removing plaque from your teeth to checking out how your smile is doing can contribute to a lifetime of exceptional oral health. Ready to learn more? As you may have guessed, we have gathered up some compelling information!

Reason #1: Tartar Buildup Decreases Hygiene Effectiveness

Did you know that even if you brush and floss for the rest of your life, you may still end up with serious problems if you skip your dental visits with us? It’s true. You might be quite detailed with your dental hygiene but you will still miss some spots. Why? Well, plaque is excellent at hiding in tiny spaces that only we can locate and clean. When plaque and tartar build up, you’re brushing teeth that are already poised to experience decay. When you let us remove the tartar, you’re truly keeping teeth nice and clean.

Reason #2: Those Lingering Questions Are Answered

Is there a bump on your gum that is causing you some serious stress? Does your tooth throb occasionally? Are you wondering what’s happening to your back tooth that feels weird when you touch it with your tongue? Don’t let thoughts of oral health problems plague your mind. Come in for a dental visit, so we can address the issues and offer any necessary care. Then, you can get on with your life instead of feeling stressed.