Month: February 2017

Scorched Tongue? We Can Help.

Did you scorch your tongue on a steaming cup of coffee? A way-too-hot piece of pizza? That French fry that burned your fingertips and then proceeded to irritate your taste buds? We know that this is no minor annoyance but something that can seem to ruin an entire day! Fortunately, your tongue will heal quickly…. Read more »

3 Things We Strive For With Your Smile

When you become our dental patient, our main mission is to take care of your smile, while you enjoy comfortable care. While this overall goal sounds nice, you might wonder a little bit about the details that will help us achieve it. We are happy to break down a few of the things we strive… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Yes, You Can Fix That!

When you’re a newbie to the world of cosmetic dentistry, you will quickly notice that you have access to a lot of treatments. However, if you don’t know much about the specifics, you can wonder if you’re going to qualify for care, which treatment will work for you, if you may require multiple treatments, and… Read more »

When You Need Restorative Care And Want A Prettier Smile

Maybe you know that you need restorative care for an infection, decay, or damaged or missing tooth. Perhaps you don’t know how to proceed with your dental care because while you know it’s important to take care of these details, what you really want is a beautiful smile. It’s important to note that a healthy… Read more »

Bag ‘n Baggage A Case For Giving Event

Have you ever wondered what people do who cannot afford luggage? How does a foster child transport his or her things? What does a mother with children do when she’s living in shelters? Fortunately, Bag ‘n Baggage has considered this and, in turn, has partnered with Briggs & Riley, the company that created this A… Read more »

Things Your Friends Don’t Actually Know

Your friends, your mom, your aunt, your cousin, your bestie, your neighbor: All of these people might know a lot of stuff. You might really trust them and value their opinions. While they might seem to know quite a lot about dental care, it’s important to recognize that there’s a lot of stuff they can’t… Read more »

2 Ways To Make Dental Care Feel Faster

If your dental hygiene feels like it’s taking forever, it’s probably not the brushing and flossing. The same is true for visits! If it seems like they take up a lot of your time but you only see us for the suggested two visits, then something is off. Caring for your smile should feel like… Read more »

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong

When you’re reviewing your dental care, you may wonder if you’ve been making some rationalizations, convincing yourself of things that aren’t true to make yourself feel better, and if perhaps you need a wakeup call. In many cases, patients become either a little too worried about their care or way too laid back. Since you’re… Read more »

2 Reasons Every Visit Is Essential

You might think of your routine dental visits with us as something that is just that: Routine. However, have you ever taken a moment to step back and consider some reasons it’s actually extremely important that you come in every six months? You may be surprised to learn that every last detail, from removing plaque… Read more »

Strokes Of Art In The Square

Calling all creatives and people who enjoy art! It’s time for The Strokes Of Art In The Square event! You will find something for everyone at this fun opportunity to feast your eyes on some exceptional works, while spending a nice, relaxing Sunday in the Square. Learn more! The Event This is The Strokes Of… Read more »