Your Gag Reflex: Is It Overactive?

Are you someone who feels extremely hesitant about scheduling dental care not because you worry about the procedures, the environment, or any of the factors you usually hear about? Instead, you just don’t know what to do about your overactive gag reflex? Many of your friends and family head to their checkups without a care in the world but for some reason, you can barely make it past opening your mouth before the gagging begins! No worries. We can help address the issue.

What’s My Gag Reflex?

This is a natural response that occurs as your body’s preventive method of stopping foreign objects from entering your throat (and causing you to choke). If it’s not food or drink, your mouth knows it and the moment we touch the roof of your mouth or your tongue, your gag reflex kicks into action. For some, the response is more sensitive than in others.

Why This Is A Problem

As you have noticed, getting through even a preventive care cleaning and checkup can become extremely difficult when you end up gagging. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, and quite the obstacle. While it’s possible to learn some tricks for suppressing this reflex, you’ll be happy to learn we offer a simple method of calming things down: Sedation!

About Sedation

We are happy to discuss sedation with you if you struggle with a frustrating gag reflex. By receiving nitrous oxide, your nerves will relax, so you can simply sit back and receive care without anxiety or additional issues getting in the way.