Your Evening Dental Hygiene Routine

What’s your evening experience like with caring for your smile? Everyone creates their own routines when it comes to practicing dental hygiene. For some, a strict schedule is part of the equation. For others, it’s more of an “I’ll just wing it” sort of approach. If what you’re doing is working for you, then keep on doing it! However, if you find that your nighttime care is definitely not the stuff that dreams are made of, we might be able to help with easy suggestions.

Are You Consistent?

About that “scheduled” care that many patients follow: Are you consistent with your habits? Do you make sure that you brush your teeth every night? If you’re not flossing in the morning, are you remembering to floss at night? Do you sometimes miss a dental hygiene session or find that you suddenly remember and have to crawl out of bed to do so? The key to effective care that you don’t mind accomplishing is finding a consistent approach and sticking with it.

What You Should Be Doing

What you definitely need to do every evening follows: Brush your teeth for two minutes. If you haven’t flossed yet, floss your entire smile. See? Not very hard!

Some Helpful Suggestions

Let’s review some potential problems, so we can help you master making the most of your evening dental hygiene routine:

  • Don’t wait until you’re dozing off or get into bed for “just a few minutes.” Perform hygiene before you get drowsy.
  • If you’re plain old tired at the end of the day and you just want to get through your hygiene as fast as possible, stop flossing at night. Switch to flossing in the morning instead, so at night all you have to do is brush for a couple minutes and then you’re done!