What’s Happening When I Chew?

Do you know what’s going on in there? You know, in your mouth, when you bite off a chunk of something you love to eat and then it somehow becomes small enough for you to swallow and digest? How does that piece of pizza, that carrot stick, or that piece of cake (or all of them together) break down enough to fit into your stomach? The magic starts in your mouth, where digestion begins! If you always assumed digestion began in your tummy, it’s time to learn a little more about how this works (and why dental hygiene is so important).

What’s Going On When I Chew?

You might think to yourself that when you chew, you’re just mashing food down into smaller bits that will actually fit into your esophagus as you swallow and send nutrient-dense (hopefully) food down! However, there are a lot of factors that come into play. First, the saliva in your mouth, which is created by a few major pairs of glands, will wet the food and begin softening it. You’ll further break it down with your teeth, as you know, with the help of all of the structures that support your smile (your gums, your ligaments, your jaws, your jawbone). Keep in mind, that where you direct the food (such as between teeth for chewing), you use your tongue to do so. Not sure how dental hygiene fits into all of this? You’ll see in a moment.

Why Dental Hygiene Is Important

It’s so important that you care for your smile with your efforts in your own bathroom and by visiting us because without a healthy smile, whole teeth, and a healthy supportive framework, chewing and eating become extraordinarily difficult. So, remember, brush and floss for effective dental hygiene, and keep up with your visits.