Toothaches: Is It An Emergency?

When you find yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable toothache, you may end up on the fence as you decide how to proceed. Do you contact us for an emergency dental visit? Or, do you do your best to treat your tooth, stay calm, and relax until a regularly scheduled dental visit? While the idea of scheduling urgent care with us may make you feel a little uneasy, we encourage you to take an objective look at your situation. That way, you won’t end up putting off the need for immediate treatment. Don’t worry. We can guide you toward the right choice.

First Things First: What To Do

You have a severe toothache. Now what? Whether or not you have scheduled an emergency dental visit with us provides no immediate relief to your tooth, so it’s important to snap into action to relieve some of the ache you’re experiencing. If you can, we first suggest that you gently floss around your tooth to ensure there is no trapped debris. Follow this up by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the pain is severe, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Next, place an ice pack or some type of cold compress against your face over the area where the tooth hurts for added relief.

Stay Home Or Come In?

After you floss and rinse around your tooth, ask yourself about your level of pain. If your toothache is excruciating and the discomfort continues, call us right away for an emergency dental visit! If it’s a bit annoying but you don’t really notice it, you may simply let us know what’s bothering you during normal business hours and schedule a regular dental appointment.