Kids: Toothpaste Truths Versus Myths

All it takes is one parent mentioning that they heard something negative about fluoridated toothpaste for you fly into a bit of a worried frenzy! Have you been giving your children the wrong dental hygiene products? Are you putting your child in harm’s way, you wonder? Actually, no … you’re following the proper suggestions for optimal home dental care. However, we know that a lot of myths regarding fluoridated paste can cloud your judgment and cause unnecessary stress (which is why we would like to set the record straight). Learn more!

Truths Versus Myths

Myth: Your child is slowly ingesting poison by using toothpaste with fluoride in it, so you should avoid fluoride.

Truth: If your child were to eat more than the suggested amount of fluoridated toothpaste necessary for a brushing session, this would be cause for concern. However, daily brushing with fluoride is completely safe for your children.

Myth: If your child swallows his or her toothpaste, you should bring them to the nearest ER or call 911.

Truth: Again, just a small amount of accidentally ingested fluoridated toothpaste is no reason for concern. However, we certainly suggest you teach your child to spit out the toothpaste (which is full of bacteria, plaque, and food particles).

Myth: As long as there’s fluoride in the toothpaste, it will work well for the entire family.

Truth: Adults require more fluoride than children. In addition, stronger flavors (like mint) are often appreciated by adults but too bold for little ones. Choose fluoridated toothpaste based on the age marked on the package for best results.