Is Brushing The Bane Of Your Existence? We Offer Help!

Are you someone who hears us talking about brushing your teeth and how important brushing is for good oral health … but you feel completely blown away by our suggestions? Is this because brushing is essentially the bane of your existence? As you may have noticed, most people don’t mind brushing. So, you might wonder to yourself, why is this aspect of your dental hygiene such a struggle for you? We have some guesses (and some helpful recommendations for overcoming the issues). For additional assistance, come see us.

When Brushing Is An Uncomfortable Reminder

For some patients, we find that they dislike brushing because they haven’t been in to see us for a very long time. As a result, every time they brush, they worry that their dental hygiene session is a waste, that there’s probably something serious wrong with their oral health, and that it’s too late to schedule care. To set the record straight: It’s always worthwhile to brush twice a day and it is never too late to schedule care with us.

When Brushing Feels Bad

For others, brushing is uncomfortable. In some instances, it’s been uncomfortable for so long that patients begin assuming it’s supposed to hurt (and they then avoid it altogether). Remember that dental hygiene should feel comfortable. Try a less intense toothpaste if yours is too strong, check your bristles to ensure they are soft, and remember to press very gently as you go. If pressing gently is difficult, try an electric toothbrush!

When Brushing Doesn’t Taste Good

You may find the scents or flavors associated with brushing to be very displeasing. Fortunately, the options are quite vast, so choose something you do enjoy. Simple.