I Think I Have A Cavity. Now What?

All it takes is one single zing of pain or sensitivity for you to think to yourself, “I think I have a cavity!” While we understand that panic and upset can ensue, we encourage you to do your best to work through those emotions and to then take a very logical approach. Your tooth is likely in some type of danger if it’s uncomfortable. If you act right away, we can help you. If you pretend nothing is wrong, things may worsen. So, when you ask yourself what to do, the answer is always to snap into action immediately. As for the particulars, allow us to help.

Call Our Practice

The moment you think that you have a cavity is the moment you recognize that you are having an oral health problem. Whether it’s tooth decay or another issue is not the most important detail. The most significant factor is that you need to call our practice. Then, with a dental checkup and X-rays, we can offer a precise diagnosis and treatment suggestion (which very well may turn out to be a filling).

Follow Up As Suggested

If we suggest a dental filling for your cavity, do yourself a huge favor and follow up by scheduling the treatment and coming in. If we suggest some other restorative treatment, do the same. It will let us address the problem, fix your smile, and protect you from mounting oral health problems.

Don’t Overreact

Remember that whether you have a cavity, an infection, or some other issue has caused your tooth’s sensitivity, it is not worth becoming upset. When you glance through our restorative care treatments, you will notice that we offer whatever it is you need to restore your oral health. Our care is gentle, cosmetically sound, and will guide you right back toward a healthy smile (we also offer nitrous oxide, so you can relax!).