Don’t Overlook Dental Bonding

When you need cosmetic care to make a repair or improvement to your smile, you may immediately make some pretty strong assumptions that end up leaving the option of choosing dental bonding in the dust. Instead of relying on any guesswork, we encourage you to talk with us during a cosmetic consultation about your goals. You may find that it will actually take much less time, effort, and money than you imagined to accomplish the finished result that’s been on your mind.

When You Have Spaces

Don’t assume you need orthodontic treatment like braces automatically if you’re unhappy with one or multiple spaces in your smile. It’s entirely possible that your gaps are treatable with dental bonding, which is convenient, effective, and very budget-friendly. Find out if bonding might work to create a more uniform, gap-free grin by seeing us soon.

When Your Tooth Is Chipped

If your tooth is chipped, don’t assume you will immediately require a veneer or a crown. In many instances, we can fix minor concerns like chips and cracks with dental bonding. With just one simple visit, your tooth will look good as new!

When Things Look Poorly Balanced

Perhaps you’re worried because your smile looks somewhat asymmetrical. If it’s the result of uneven tooth lengths, leading to a smile that appears jagged or sloped, dental bonding is often an answer (and may be combined with dental contouring). By creating an esthetically balanced array of tooth lengths, your smile will look lovely.