Dental Concerns: What To Do When It’s Been A While

We often find that one of the biggest stumbling blocks our patients face is the feeling that it’s been too long. Too long for what, you may wonder? For some, the worry is that it’s been too long since they’ve received care, so it’s probably too late to get back into the swing of things. For others, they worry it’s been too long since a particular type of change has occurred, so patients often assume they have surpassed any care that was once available. To help you recognize that it’s never too late to receive dental care, we offer up common concerns (and helpful information to go along with them).

It’s Been A While Since Your Last Cleaning And Checkup

How long has it been since your last cleaning and checkup? If we told you that some patients worry that eight months is too long, that some think a year is too long, and that some come to us after decades with the same feeling (but that we are always happy to offer dental care), what does this tell you? It’s important to recognize that you are always a candidate for prevention, restorative care, and anything else you require to get your smile back on track. It’s true: It is always possible.

It’s Been A While Since You Wore Your Retainer

Did you receive orthodontic care at some point but you didn’t wear your retainer consistently? At all? If your smile was once aligned but has shifted out of place, don’t assume it’s too late to fix things. We offer Realine, so you can recapture your previously aligned grin.

It’s Been A While Since Your Tooth Loss

It’s true that it’s best to seek dental care the moment tooth loss affects you. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late if you didn’t act with urgency. Come see us! We offer bridges, implants, and implant dentures and we can help!