Porcelain Veneers: Ready Or Not?

If you feel as though you’ve spent years dreaming about porcelain veneers but you don’t know how to make the shift from wanting them to actually making plans to receive them, we can help. We know that it takes some serious motivation and confidence to schedule time to transform your smile. To ensure you’ve been giving yourself the room to make such a beneficial choice for your grin, we encourage you to have a quick discussion with yourself (preferably by making use of some of our questions).

Can I Afford Them?

Have you asked yourself whether you are prepared to pay for porcelain veneers at the moment? Do you need some time to prepare? Perhaps you’re curious about financing options. Talk this over with yourself and then with us to decide whether now is a good time for you.

Do I Need Veneers Or Do They Just Sound Cool?

Have you fully investigated porcelain veneers by asking us about them, listening to our explanation, and comparing them to other options? Or, do you know just a couple details about veneers and you want them because they sound amazing? If you want a beautiful smile but you aren’t fully informed regarding your many options, we suggest you start at the beginning with introductory information for all treatments that may work for you.

Am I A Candidate?

Before you can decide whether you’re ready for porcelain veneers, it is essential that you find out whether you qualify for them. It’s possible that you don’t even need veneers, that they aren’t the best fit for you, or that some other treatment or combination of cosmetic treatments may work much better. How on earth to find out, you wonder? Just schedule a visit!