Holiday Checkup Check-In: Do You See What I See?

When you notice that the holidays are in full force and that 2017 is nearly upon us, you might make note that it’s about time to schedule another dental checkup. However, the coziness of the crackling fire in the fireplace and the hot chocolate you’ve been sipping just might lull you into a dreamland that blurs your usual responsible nature. Don’t get so swept away in the merriment that you forget about how important it is to come in for your checkups! If you need a little help, we offer you a quick burst of reminders regarding problems you might not notice (but that we will catch and address when we see you).

Early Functional Concerns

You might not notice the scalloped pattern forming on your tongue’s border or the gentle wear occurring on your tooth surfaces as the result of bruxism. You might not notice that you need to carefully shift your jaw to open your mouth all the way. We will see it, however. If bruxism, TMJ disorder, or other function-related issues are affecting your smile, a dental checkup will offer you an early glimpse (and immediate treatment).

Hygiene-Related Issues

Fortunately, we will see the tooth decay, infection, inflamed gum tissue, and more during your comprehensive dental examination that you may not be able to detect at home.

Hopes And Dreams You’ve Been Ignoring

Have you mentioned to us a few times that you aren’t very happy with your discoloration or that you notice your teeth have shifted out of place a bit since your orthodontic care several years ago? If so, we are happy to offer some gentle reminders of these concerns of yours (as well as options for improvement) when you come in for dental checkups. Ready to talk about cosmetic care? We are ready when you are!