Have The Happiest Of Holidays!

Are you ready to celebrate the wintertime holidays? Have your stockings been hung by the chimney with care? How about your teeth and gum tissue? Have you done anything special to make sure they’re ready for the weekend, for New Year’s Eve, and beyond? If you’re blushing a bit and hoping to slink away from this line of questioning, don’t worry! We know you’ve been very busy with the details of the season. However, we are also happy to take this opportunity to present you with helpful oral health reminders to keep close (and to act on, of course).

Happy Holidays!

First and foremost, we would like to take just a moment to wish you, your friends, your loved ones, and anyone else in your life a very merry holiday! We appreciate each and every one of you and are so happy to have met new patients this year and for the lasting relationships that span the years! Here’s to an enjoyable weekend and many more years of protecting your oral health!

Come In For Care

When your days and nights get busy, it’s easy to overlook the things you really need to do for yourself and, instead, to focus on caring for others or attempting to get through a seemingly endless pile of other tasks. To help you stick to your excellent oral health habits, we offer suggestions:

  • Need help remembering to come in for care? Call us and schedule your next two preventive visits, so your year is already planned out for you.
  • Need help remembering to brush and floss? Set a reminder on your phone, put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, or start a little accountability club with friends or family members. You’ll get through the holidays with clean teeth and gums (something you can definitely smile about).