Gingivitis: 3 Things You Should Know

When you don’t know anything about gum disease other than that it’s bad, it can cause some confusion. Unfortunately, it can even lead to serious consequences if you’re uninformed and gum problems go unnoticed. Allow us to fill you in regarding the first phase of this type of disease, known as gingivitis, so you can rest easy knowing how to keep your gum health safe.

#1: It’s Not Permanent (But It Can Become Permanent)

Gingivitis is not a permanent problem. It’s something that we can cure if we detect it when it begins. It includes gum inflammation that happens because plaque is hardening (into something we call tartar) on your teeth. When tartar forms beneath your gumline, the inflammation occurs. If we remove the tartar and monitor your gums, we can restore gingival health. If not, the problem can become permanent if it advances into periodontal disease. Hint: Come in for checkups every six months to avoid this issue.

#2: You Won’t Always Notice It

You might think to yourself, “I don’t need dental checkups! I’ll just schedule a visit if I notice signs of gum disease.” Unfortunately, as gingivitis occurs, it might not display any symptoms that you can recognize. So, about those dental checkups: They are absolutely necessary if you want a smile that is healthy and that can remain healthy.

#3: You Might Notice It

Then again, gum disease might make itself known. When gums that look puffy, red, purple, inflamed, or gums that bleed show up, call us. It may be a sign that you require immediate care!