Answering Your Morning Sickness Questions

Since you know that making your dental hygiene a daily priority is essential, you will inevitably begin wondering how to make this a reality when morning sickness begins interrupting your otherwise effective routine. Rest assured, you are not the first person who has come to us for help! Consider some questions and answers, so you can begin figuring out how to best protect your smile throughout this exciting time in your life.

Questions and Answers

Question: Just thinking about the way my toothpaste tastes makes me feel queasy! What can I do if I cannot stomach my usual dental hygiene products?

Answer: Our first suggestion is to make a change! Stop using the products that are contributing to morning sickness. Put them aside start over with the blandest items you can find, so you can brush and floss without the scent or flavor overwhelming you.

Question: I have a feeling that vomiting on a daily basis is not beneficial for my teeth but my morning sickness is here to stay for a while. What can I do to make sure my smile is protected throughout my pregnancy?

Answer: We encourage you to go through some trial and error to figure out which toothpaste and floss don’t bother you (and make sure you’re not using a brush that’s too big for your mouth, which can lead to gagging). After you vomit, begin by rinsing your mouth to reduce the acidity. Then, brush when you’re up for it (wait at least 30 minutes).

Question: What if I’m doing my best but I just don’t seem to be having much success in finding a new dental hygiene routine for my smile?

Answer: If you are having trouble keeping up with twice daily brushing and once-a-day flossing, come in for a visit. We are more than happy to help you navigate this part of your journey!